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Post-Partum Blues

Emotional issues following birth are usually given the vaguely demeaning term of "baby blues", making the condition easy for doctors to dismiss, and leaving women to cope as best they can until it passes. Only now they are often rendered silent, quietly waiting to enjoy what should be the happiest time of their life.

In some cases, the baby blues continue long enough to meet the diagnosis of postpartum depression. Women are then commonly prescribed antidepressant medication and advised to stop breastfeeding so the drugs will not get passed to the baby.

Postpartum depression is a serious condition that is a real concern to many expectant women. Studies are finally being done to discover its roots, but it has not even been considered a valid psychological condition until just recently. As a result, there is much to learn about its causes and any potential cures. 

There are many ways to prepare your placenta for ingestion. Some women feel comfortable putting placenta in a smoothie, or creating a special recipe for it. Some women even consume it raw. These methods will work, but they limit the length of time you are able to utilize the benefits of placenta to a matter of days.

My preferred method of ingestion is by capsule. The placenta can be dried, ground, and encapsulated. The capsules can then be taken daily for a number of weeks. You reap all of the healthful benefits of placenta quickly, easily and discreetly, and the capsules will last indefinitely (for years). When you have recovered from childbirth, you can freeze the capsules and save them for menopause.

Placentas are rare and powerful - make the best use of the ONE available.

Encapsulation is by far the optimum choice for ingestion and preservation.